respects the authorities of the One, Holy, Roman Catholic Apostolic Church
in obedience to the Holy Father, the Pope

and IS against the Masonic Plan

for the destruction of the Catholic Church

All the men and women of goodwill
are invited to pray so that this will be prevented




From the column «Storia» of the magazine:«Teologica» n. 14 – March/April 1998 - pages 22-25

Edition Segno – Udine - Italia


The Masonic Plan
for the destruction of the Catholic Church


Directives of the Grand Master of the Masonry to the Catholic Mason Bishops, effective of 1962.
(Updating of the Vatican II). All of the mason brethren must report on the progress of this decisive disposition. Re-elaborated in October 1993 as the progressive plan for the final study. All of the masons occupied in the Church must collect them and accomplish them.



Remove once and for all Saint Michael, protector of the Catholic Church, from all of the prayers internal and external of the Holy Mass. Remove his statues affirming that he distracts the attention to the Adoration of Christ.



Remove the Penitential Exercises of Lent like no meat on Friday or even fasting; impede every act of abnegation. In their place acts of happiness, joy and love for the neighbour must be favoured. You must say: “Christ has already deserved Paradise for us” and “every human effort is useless”. Tell everyone that they must seriously think about their health. Encourage them to eat meat, especially pig meat.



Entrust the Protestant Pastors to re-examine the Holy Mass and to desecrate it. Spread doubt on the Real Presence in the Eucharist and confirm that the Eucharist – with a faith closet to that of the Protestants- it is only bread and wine and is intended as a pure symbol.

Spread Protestants in the Seminars and in the schools. Encourage ecumenism as the way towards unity. Accuse anyone who believes in the Real Presence as subversive and disobedient towards the Church.



Prohibit the Latin Liturgy of the Mass, Adoration and Hymns, because they communicate a mysterious and deference emotion. Present them like spells of soothsayers. The men will stop to consider the Priests as men of superior intelligence, to be respected as carriers of the Divine Mysteries.



Encourage the women to not to cover their heads with a veil in Church. The hairs are sexy. Pretend woman to be readers and Priests. Present the idea as a democratic ideal. Found a movement of liberation of the women. Who enters in to the Church must be badly dressed in order to feel at home. That will make less important the Holy Mass.   


Dissuade the faithful in receiving the Holy Communion on their knees. Tell the nuns that they must dissuade the children from keeping their hands together before and after Communion. Tell them that God loves them as they are and that they should feel at ease.

Eliminate in the church to remain on the knees and every genuflexion. Remove the kneeling stools. Tell the people that during Mass they show their faith standing in an erect position.



Eliminate all the holy music played with the organ. Introduce the guitar, jew’s harps, drums, stamping, and holy laughs in the church. That distracts people from their personal prayers and from the conversations with Jesus. Do not give Jesus the time to call children to the religious life. Do liturgical dances with exciting clothes, theatres and concerts around the Altars.



Remove all the holy character of the songs to the Mother of God and to Saint Joseph. Indicate their veneration as idolism. Render ridiculous those who persist. Introduce Protestant songs. That will give an impression that the Catholic Church finally admits that the Protestant religion is the true religion or at least it is equal to that of the Catholic Church.  



Eliminate all of the hymns even those to Jesus because they make the people think of happiness and serenity that derives from life of mortification and of penance for God since infancy. Introduce new songs only to convince the people that the preceding rituals in some way were false.

Assure yourselves in every Mass that there is at least one in which Jesus is not mentioned and that instead speaks only of love for men. The young people will be enthusiastic to hear someone speaking of love for the neighbour. Preach love, tolerance and unity. Do not mention Jesus, prohibit any announcements of the Eucharist.



Remove all of the Relics of the Saints from the Altars and then also the Altars themselves. Substitute them with pagan tables without Consecration that can be used to make human offerings during satanic masses.

Eliminate the Ecclesiastical law that want the celebration of the Holy Mass only on Altars containing Relics.



Interrupt the practice of the celebration of the Holy Mass at the presence of the Holy Sacrament in the Tabernacle. Do not place any Tabernacle on the Altars that are used for the celebration of the Holy Mass. The table must have the appearance of a kitchen table. It must be transportable to express that it is not at all sacred but must serve a double function as, for example, a table for conferences or for card games. Later on place a chair under the table.

The Priest must take that position to indicate that after Communion he rests as after a meal. The Priest must never be on his knees nor genuflect  during the Mass.

At the meals in fact, one is never on his knees. The chair of the Priest must be placed in the position of the Tabernacle. Encourage the people to venerate and also to adore the Priest instead of the Eucharist, to obey him instead of the Eucharist. Tell the people that the Priest is Christ, their leader. Place the Tabernacle in a local place out of sight.



Make disappear all of the Saints from the Ecclesiastical calendar, always some in determined days. Prohibit the Priests to preach the Saints, except for those who are mentioned in the Gospel. Tell the people that eventual Protestants, probably present in the church, could be scandalised. Avoid all that disturbs the Protestants.



In the reading of the Gospel omit the word “holy”, for example, instead of “Gospel according to Saint John”, simply say: “Gospel according to John”. That will make the people to think that they should not venerate them anymore.

Continuously write new bibles so that they are identical to the Protestants ones. Omit the adjective “Holy” in the expression “Holy Spirit”. That will open the way. Emphasize the feminine nature of God as a mother full of sweetness. Eliminate the use of the term “Father”.



Make all the books on personal piety disappear and destroy them. In consequence even the Litanies to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Mother of God, to Saint Joseph will cease as well as for the preparation for the Holy Communion. The giving thanks after the Communion will be superfluous.



Make also all of the statues and images of the Angels disappear. Why the statues of our enemies must be between our feet? Define them as myths or stories for the goodnight. Do not allow discussion on the Angels for they perturb our Protestant friends.



Abrogate minor exorcisms to expel the devils: work on this, announcing that the devils do not exist. Explain that it is a method adopted in the Bible to design evil and that without the evil there could not exist interesting stories.

In consequence the people will not believe in the existence of hell nor will they fear to ever fall in to it. Repeat that hell is nothing but the furthering away from God and that there is nothing terrible in that if we are speaking about the same life here on earth.



Teach that Jesus was only a man who had brothers and sisters and who hated the people with power. Explain that he loved the company of the prostitutes, especially Maria Magdalene; that he did not know what to do with the churches and the synagogues.

Tell them that he advised not to obey the leaders of the Clergy, explain that he was a great teacher that though  he deviated from the correct path when he neglected to obey the leaders of the church. Discourage the discussion on the Cross as a victory, on the contrary present it as a failure.



Remember that you can endure  nuns towards the betrayal of their vocation if you refer to their vanity, attractiveness and beauty. Make them change their Ecclesiastical Habit and that will make them throw away their Rosary.

Reveal to the world that in their convents there are dissents. This will dry their vocation. Tell the nuns that they will not be accepted if they do not renounce their habit. Favour the discredit of the Ecclesiastical Habit even amongst the people.



Burn all of the Catechisms. Tell the teachers of religion to teach love the creatures of God instead of God Himself. To openly love testifies maturity. Make that the term “sex” becomes a term of daily use in your classes of religion. Make sex a new religion. Introduce images of sex in the religious lessons to teach the children the reality. Assure yourselves that the images are clear.

Encourage the schools to become progressive thinkers in the field of sex education. Introduce the sexual education through the authority of the Bishop so that the parents will have nothing to say on the contrary.



Suffocate the catholic schools, impeding the vocation of the nuns. Reveal to the nuns that they are social workers who are under paid and that the Church is about to eliminate them. Insist that the catholic layman teachers receive the same wage as those of the public schools. Use non catholic teachers. The Priests must receive the same wage the corresponding secular employees. All of the Priests must put away their Clergy Vests and their Crosses in order to be accepted by everyone. Render ridiculous those who do not adapt themselves.



Annihilate the Pope, destroying his University. Detach the Universities from the Pope, saying that that way of governing could subsidise.

Substitute the names of the Religious Institutes with profane names, in favour of ecumenism. For example, instead of “School of the Immaculate Conception” say “New High School”. Create bodies of ecumenism in all of the Dioceses and worry about having them controlled by Protestants.

Prohibit the Prayers for the Pope and for Mary because they discourage ecumenism. Announce that the local Bishops are the competent authorities. Sustain that the Pope is only a representative figure.

Explain to the people that the teachings of the Pope is necessary only for conversation but they don't have any meaning.



Fight the Authority of the Pope, placing a limit of age on his activity. Reduce him to a very little, explain that you want to preserve him from excess work.



Be audacious. Weaken the Pope by introducing synods of Bishops. The Pope will then become only a representative figure as in England where the High Cabinet and the Low one reign and from them the queen receives the orders. Then, weaken the authority of the Bishop, giving life to a concurrent institution at the Presbyterian level.

Say that in that way the Priests will receive the right attention.

Finally weaken the authority of the Priests with the constitution of laymen groups that dominate the Priests. In this way you will originate such a hatred that they will abandon the Church even Cardinals will do so and the Church will then be democratic…the New Church…



Reduce the vocation of the Priesthood, making the laymen lose their reverential fear for them. The public scandal of a Priest will annihilate thousands of vocations. Praise the Priests who for the love of a woman abandoned everything, defining them as heroes.

Honour the Priests reduced to a laymen state as authentic martyrs, oppressed to such a point that they could not support anything else. Condemn even as a scandal that our mason brethren in the Priesthood must be made known and that their names be published. Be tolerant with the homosexuals of the Clergy. Tell the people that the Priests suffer of solitude.



Begin the closure of the churches due to the scarcity of the Clergy. Define as good and economical this practice. Explain that God listens everywhere the prayers. In that way the church will become extravagant waste of money. Close above all the churches in which there is a traditional piety practice.



Use commissions of laymen and Priests who are weak in faith who condemn and reprehend without difficulty every apparition of Mary and apparent miracle, especially those of the Archangel Saint Michael. Assure yourselves that nothing of this, in no measure will receive approval according to the Vatican II.

Name disobedience in respect to the authorities if someone obeys to the Revelations or even if someone reflects on them. Indicate the Prophets as disobedient in respect to the Ecclesiastical Authority.

Cover their name with mud, so that no one will ever think of considering some part of their Message.



Elect and Antipope. Affirm that he will bring back the Protestants to the Church and perhaps even the Jews. An Antipope can be elected if the right to vote is given to the Bishops. Then many Antipopes will be elected so that as a compromise an Antipope will be selected. Affirm that the true Pope is dead.



Remove the Confession before the Holy Communion for the students of the second and third grade so that it will not be important for them when they go to the fourth or fifth grade and onto higher classes. The confession then will disappear. Introduce (in silence) the community confession with the absolution in group. Explain to the people that this happens due to the scarcity of the Clergy.



Make women and laymen distribute the Communion. Tell them this is the time for the laymen. Begin with the deposition of the Communion in the hands, as the Protestants, instead of on the tongue. Explain that Christ did it in the same way. Collect some hosts for the “black masses” in our temples. Distribute also instead of the personal Communion a chalice of non-consecrated hosts for the communion that one could take home with him. Explain to them that in this way they could have divine gifts in their everyday life. Place automatic distributors of hosts for communion  and call them Tabernacles.

Say that there must be an exchange of the sign of peace. Encourage the people to move about the church to interrupt the prayer and the devotion. Do not make the Sign of the Cross; in place of It a sign of peace. Explain that even Christ moved to greet the Disciples. Do not allow any concentration in these moments. The Priests must turn their back to the Eucharist and honour the people.



After that the Antipope has been elected, dissolve the synod of the Bishops as well as the associations of the Priests and the parish counsels.

Prohibit all the religious people to make discussions without permission, on these new dispositions. Explain that God loves humbleness and hates those who aspire glory. Accuse of disobedient in respect of the Ecclesiastic Authorities all those who raise questions.

Discourage Obedience towards God. Tell the people that they must obey to these Ecclesiastic Superiors.



Give the Pope (=Antipope) the maximum power to choose his successors. Order under the penalty of being excommunicated all those who love God to wear the sign of the beast. Do not call it though the “sign of the beast”. The Sign of the Cross must not be done nor used on persons nor through it (one must not bless anymore). To do the Sign of the Cross will be designed as an idolatry and disobedience.



Declare false the preceding Dogmas, except for the Pontifical Infallibility. Proclaim Jesus Christ a failed revolutionary. Announce that the true Christ will come soon. Only the elected Antipope must be obeyed. Tell the people that they must bow when they pronounce his name.



Order all of the subordinates of the Pope to fight in the holy crusade to extend the only one worldwide religion. Satan knows where all of the lost gold is.

Conquer without pity the world!

All this will bring onto humanity what humanity has always yearned for: “the golden époque of peace”.




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