Jesus says that BERGOGLIO is a part of the comprehensive plan to inaugurate the One-World Religion in view of the One-World Government to destroy the true Faith in Jesus Christ, Son of God, Himself God; and enslave and destroy the children of God. Jesus to Conchiglia: Bergoglio is the man of iniquity who « now »  sits on the Throne of Peter, is the vicar of lucifer, vicar of the antichrist, the forger, the un-named, the wicked, the apostate, a real actor, which is already presenting a doctrine that will bring Soul after Soul to Hell...  Revelation of Jesus to Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità - 21 of March 2013 - Spring Equinox. The word Equinox derives from the Latin « æquus-nox », as to say « equal night » . Letters of Conchiglia to His Holiness Pope Em. Benedict XVI  -  The most appalling reality of Humanity. (Part One of XVII) 

Worldwide Movement founded by Conchiglia by the Will of God on the  24th  of October 2001
dedicated to Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Perfect One,
The Woman clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse - Mexico.
Movement to defend the Catholic Church of Jesus Christ with the POPE as the Head position.

In obedience only in the doctrine of Jesus, Son of God, Himself God in the Holy Gospel.

Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità... in english   « Conch of the Most Holy Trinity »
Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego.
.. in english   « Saint Juan Diego Movement of Love »


Photo of Original Holy Tilma
Manuel Ramos, 1923 - Ciudad de México

The Holy Shroud of Mary Most Holy
Her Unique True Face

Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Perfect One
December 9 to 12,  1531  -  Mexico City

« GUADALUPE », Cuatlaxupeh in Náhuatl, the native Aztec language, means:
Mary Most Holy, winner over the devil according to Genesis 3,15.

. . .  This is the Hour of Mary   

  . . . Ave Domina !



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We strongly urge the members of the Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego and the readers of LA RIVELAZIONE given to Conchiglia,
not to question the Magisterium of the Church in any way on faith and morals, because this would constitute a mortal sin:
therefore, if they think they have found some contradiction between LA RIVELAZIONE given to Conchiglia
and the solemn, definitive or authentic teachings of the Church, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church,
never doubt the certainty of such teaching, but rather your own personal interpretation of LA RIVELAZIONE.


Conchiglia - Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego - Via Manzoni, 12 - Casella Postale 99 - 33085 MANIAGO - PN - ITALIA
pen for everybody free.
Association without lucrative goal. Texts and documents are distributed free. The Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego is consecrated to Our Lady of Loreto, in the Holy House, where Mary say « Yes ». The Consecration of the Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego to Our Lady of Loreto is officially registered to the Register of the Pontifical Delegation of Universal Congregation of the Holy House of Loreto, Ancona - Italia. POPE BENEDICT XVI blessed the Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego on april 14, 2010 and Conchiglia on september 16, 2010. THE REVELATION given to « Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità » is collected in XIV volumes in Italian language of the Divine Work entitled: « BENTORNATO MIO SIGNORE » (WELCOME BACK MY LORD) and is translated in 11 languages, Latín also, official language of Catholic Church. Conchiglia is in obedience to the authorities of the Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church.
The Decree of the Congregtion of the Doctrine of the Faith (see Acta Apostolicae Sedis, issue No. 58 of December 1966) which abrogates the Canons of Canon Laws 1399 and 2318, was approved by His Holiness Paul VI on October 14, 1966. The decree was then published by order of His Holiness himself thereby lifting the prohibition against publishing without the Imprimatur texts concerning new miraculous Apparitions, Revelations, Visions, Signs, Prophecies and other Miracles. We have no intention of in any way contravening the judgments of the Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church.
« THE REVELATION » has been translated thanks to persons of good will. IT IS NECESSARY TO REFER ALWAYS TO THE ORIGINAL VERSION IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE. Conchiglia asks for the help of everyone to complete the task as soon as possible. This website can contain audio files, it suggests to activate the AUDIO function on your computer.
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Guido Reni (Bologna, 1575-1642), San Michele Arcangelo, 1635 - Chiesa di Santa Maria della Concezione, Roma


Background music: the wonderful new discovery in the Guadalupe image on Saint Juan Diego Ayate by Scientist Mr. Fernando Ojeda Llanes of Mexico, member of the
"Instituto Superior de Estudios Guadalupanos". After the discovery, based on the harmony of the picture has been composed the music by the Colombian musician Shafik Palis.