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  Divine Work
presented by His Holiness Pope Em. Benedict XVI to Humanity


THE REVELATION given to Conchiglia
« Bentornato Mio Signore - Il Grande Libro della Vita »
Welcome Back My Lord - The Great Book of Life
New Testament of the Third Millennium



DIVINE WORK « Welcome back My Lord - The Great Book of Life »

The HOUR of Mary Conchiglia... writes to Pope Benedict XVI
The Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego The Letters of Conchiglia
9 Points - How to Enrol the Movement MONOS-Unique: Faith-Reason-Science
Pearls of Love THE BOOKS of Conchiglia
The Primacy of the Successor of Peter Pontifical Delegation and Conchiglia
Biblic-Philological Studies: The Revelation MARIA DIVINA EST ***  Latine
John Paul II - RAI Vaticano Video clip Glory be to the Father, to the MOTHER...
Cathechism of the Catholic Church The Ten Commandments
Conchiglia Videos Conchiglia Channel
External Videos The Planet Earth - Video
Abortion... world legalized murder Eucharistic Miracle-Ostina FI of MASJD
True Face of Jesus - NASA Analisys Hearts... in MOVEMENT
Crosses of Love of Dozulé - Pictures Crosses of Love of Dozulé - World Map
Prayers in Latin and other prayers The Cross of Saint Benedict
Testimonies of Priests Declaration of Conchiglia

Dozulé - Cross of Love all over the World

    Tulips of Mary: World Prayer Group

Guido Reni (Bologna, 1575-1642), San Michele Arcangelo, 1635 - Chiesa di Santa Maria della Concezione, Roma